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BNX provides a wide array of kitting and assembly service meets your need. 

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In order to best meet your every shipping and distribution need, BNX warehousing and distribution management software to better execute pick and pack orders. We provide the customization and flexibility that you expect from a third-party logistics provider, while picking by the piece, case or pallet.

With checks and inspections at each step, the result is an extremely high level of accuracy and compliance. Web-based access to your information and automated reports combine to give you the information you need to run your business and optimize your supply chain.

BNX Shipping Toronto offers a variety of flexible order fulfillment options including: breaking down pallets of cases for shipment of individual cases; picking individual items (packs or inner packs) from cases for order fulfillment as well as building new cartons, packs and pallets to fulfill customized orders and meet customer requirements.  

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Your products are stored in a clean and secure location, thanks to your exceptional and dedicated team. Our warehouse accommodates both racked and shelved storage spaces and they are always maintained in an orderly and sanitary condition. We will study your unique storage needs and set up for your specific order requirements leaving your worry-free using our Clear Spider technology.


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A warehousing system without a well-developed distribution network won’t help you move your brand into the hands of your customers. BNX truck transportation services as well as strategic partner carriers who act as brand ambassadors as they deliver your product. From coast-to-coast, every step of the distribution process is expertly managed. We distribute locally and nationally across Canada. Our customer’s customers are small independent retailers, mass retailers and everything in between. Let us take care of the nuances of dealing with your retailers. 


We currently distribute to the following fine mass retailers:

 Sobeys / Walmart /  Costco / Lobloaws / Metro

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Fulfillment work's kitting assembly services include simple kits, when a few items are placed in a bag or box or complex kits that include several components to be placed in custom boxes with trays, custom inserts, custom wrapping, and just about anything else - whaever your vision. Our kit assembly services can make it happen. Plus, our clinet can access real-time inventory tracking, reporting, orders, alerts and more using our secure, web-based WMS system. 


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We have worked with a wide variety of clients in many industries and have extensive experience to best handle the situation when it comes to return process. With a module designed specifically for returns management, we can process your return orders effectively and efficiently through our Clear Spider system. 


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